The vocals are a crucial part of the music from Bus Stop Dreams. It’s what makes the song a song. Below are presentations of the people we’re fortunate enough to work with on the Bus Stop Dreams’ songs, people who are able to channel, through their voices, everything we want to express through the music and that also add something special from themselves.

Sonja Hewer

Sonja Hewer was born in 1972 in Merzig, Germany. After some years of touring the local Irish Pubs of Germany and Luxemburg, she met Alexandra Schwarz during a concert and they founded the duo SoLexx in 1996. The duo released their debut CD in 2007, “Songs In a New Dress” and are planning a new album release during 2012.

Sonja is most known, though, as the lead singer and songwriter in the band Sonic Season. The band was formed in 2001 by Sonja, Alexandra, Bernd Schäfer and Alain Graf and released their debut album the same year, “Indian Summer”. Up until today the band has released another three albums, “Idaho” (2004), “Mother Earth” (2006) and “Changes and Steadiness (2012), with a music style that reaches from ballads and american folk rock to bossa nova, pop and rock music.

A highlight of the career of Sonic Season came in 2004 as they was awarded the first place at the “Deutscher Rock & Pop Preis 2004” in the category folk rock. In 2006 Sonja was honoured as the best German folk rock singer and the following year Sonic Season played at the the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival.

Their skills as a live band has also led to the role as the support act for many celebrated artists between 2002 and 2012, among them Sinead O’Connor, Toto, Ten Years After, Nazareth, Saga, The Levellers to name a few.

Sonja Hewer is singing lead vocals on the upcoming songs “No Summer Without You” and  “Diamond In the Sky”, on the album “Don’t Forget to Breathe” and on the lastest single “You Can Put Your Faith In Me

Andreas Lundgren

Andreas Lundgren hit the album market as a singer and songwriter in the band Geary, in 1998 as they released the album “Green Loafers & Husky Freaks”. After a short and intense international career the band broke up and Andreas continued as a solo artist.
The solo album “Bad Buddha” was released in 2007 and in 2012 he released the album “Lovely Dream”.

“The music has been written during my road trips. Years of travelling through shady environments with the contrast from the atmosphere from Buddhist temples. The music is my way of communicating with the world, a multi-dimensional way where my own will sometimes lags behind.”

Andreas Lundgren is the lead singer on the song “Come Together” on the third single from Bus Stop Dreams.

Tobbe Möller

Tobbe Möller was born in Vänersborg, Sweden in 1972. In the beginning of his music career he focused on punk rock, and he was a member of several bands as a guitarist and songwriter between 1989 and 1996.

After this period he dedicated himself to songwriting and later on also to a solo career. Besides supplying bands and artists with songs he’s also been involved in a number of song collaborations with songwriters, producers and artists like Pär Enqvist, Pär Edwardson, Lasse Söhr, Jonas Beijer, Niklas Aurgrunn to name a few. His solo career launched in 2009 with the release of the 6-track album “Great Tonight”.

Tobbe Möller sings lead vocals on “Easy” on the album “Don’t Forget to Breathe” from Bus Stop Dreams.

Jenny FallJenny Fall

Raised in Norrköping, Sweden, Jenny started her music career even before finishing high school. During several years she was the singer of The Blues Dynasty, performing regularly on one of the city’s clubs together with guest artists like Totta Näslund and Janne Schaffer.

Various music projects followed as well as work at the regional theatre and later, in 1996, she moved to Stockholm. Parallel to working as a backing vocalist for various techno/dance acts like for example La Creme, she wrote songs and recorded with the band Spody Ody’s. The band got a record deal and released two singles.

Together with her husband she then worked for four years with the album “Bloodrain”, an album that was finally released in 2006 under the artist name Fall. The music from the album was also used in the score of the Swedish movie “Angel”. In 2010 the duo made the follow-up album “Songs In Suburbish”, released under the name Catch the Fall.

Jenny Fall is singing lead vocals and backing vocals on “Anything” and backing vocals on “As Long As I Don’t Cry” on the second single from Bus Stop Dreams.

Ulla WrethagenUlla Wrethagen

18 years old Ulla Wrethagen moved from Jämtland in the north of Sweden and started the new wave band Tugga Terrier in 1983, a band that gained quite some traction during the eighties.

The party band Nurse Diesel was started in 1989 and is still very much active. Parallell to this Ulla has been a member of several music projects, among them the country rock band Capital Country between 1994 and 2003 (together with husband Urban Wrethagen) and Urban Turban since the start in 1992. She will be touring with Urban Turban in summer 2012 in an effort to propagate against xenophobia.

Ulla Wrethagen is singing lead vocals and backing vocals on “As Long As I Don’t Cry” and “Let Us Light a Fire”, songs from the second and third singles from Bus Stop Dreams. She is also performing backing vocals on several other songs from Bus Stop Dreams.

Pär EnqvistPär Enqvist

Working as a part-time musician for a long time, performing and writing songs, Pär Enqvist finally released his first album “Här och nu” (“Here and Now”) in 2009 as a collection of his best songs.

In 2006 he started Pär Enqvist Band, a rock band with Pär Enqvist’s songwriting as a foundation. Last year they released the debut album “Utanför lagen” (“Outside of the law”), an album filled with american-influenced classic rock, melodies and naked, warm lyrics in Swedish.

Pär Enqvist is the lead singer on the second song, “The Big One” on Bus Stop Dreams’ first single. He is also participating as a songwriter on the album “Don’t Forget to Breathe”

Jan JohansenJan Johansen

Jan Johansen became an overnight sensation in 1995 when he won the Swedish outtakes for the Eurovision contest, where he later finished in third place. The song “Se på mig” (“Look at Me”) has since then placed itself as one of the true classics of the competition and of Swedish pop.

After the competition Jan has become one of the most renowned singers, songwriters and performers in Sweden with 6 solo albums released so far and countless of live performances.

Mostly he’s been working in the pop genres, but has also frequently been working in other music areas like electronica, hard rock and classic rock. In 2010 he released his 6th solo album “En ny bild av mig”, in 2011 the classic rock outfit Gavelin released their debut album, with Jan on lead vocals, and right now he’s working on a new solo album.

Jan Johansen sings lead vocals on Bus Stop Dreams’ first single “The Kiss”

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