Mastering the new single

MasteringAug2014 003

MasteringAug2014 004

Yesterday it was time to do the mastering of the new single. Mastering is, for those of you who don’t know, when you do the last preparation and adjustment of a song before releasing it. It involves a lot of very expensive and well-sounding audio equipment and a pair of well tunes and experienced ears.
And since we admittedly have neither of those things we are forced to take our business elsewhere, namely to Stockholm Mastering and mastering engineer Thomas Eberger (in the picture above and left).
Thomas brought his magic to the two new songs. Listening, turning buttons, and generally tweaking things for an hour or so and then everything just sounded so much better.  Fantastic!

MasteringAug2014 002

MasteringAug2014 005

So now we have two new songs ready. Now we need to fix a release date, plan the release… Well do all those things that needs to be done when releasing stuff to the world.

It feels great, it’s been almost two years since last. Too long if you ask me.


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