A place where songs are born

I’m one of those lucky with access to a summer house. A place far away from the city, with a slower beat, hidden in the woods close to the sea. I get at least a couple of weeks there every year with the family. The kids run more or less unsupervised and I get to do some songwriting.

I set up my little song writing studio in our little guest house. I’ve got this very cheap keyboard with a sort of passable piano sound (with a bit of imagination). There is an old battered acoustic guitar (built and sounding like a tank), together with an electric I brought from home together with a microphone. And my iPad as a recorder (a late upgrade from the old sort-of-semi-modern porta).

It’s not about the sound, it’s about having the time to feel and hearing yourself think. It’s about the trees, the wind and the sea. About how to easily get that flow of music recorded and remembered. Details and refinements can come later.
Many of my songs has been born here, and with a bit of luck (and some labour of love) a few more will be too this summer.


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