Bus Stop Dreams, Chick Churchill and Ten Years After

As you are well aware of by now, we are very fond of collaborating with various singers, musicians and songwriters. In fact you can say that Bus Stop Dreams is a collaboration project with a lot of members besides Lasse and myself. One of the newest part-time members is Chick Churchill from legendary Ten Years After, who has supplied us with a song that we are working on right now.

It came about when our wonderful singer Sonja Hewer, who knows Chick from before, asked if we wanted to take a listen some of his songs he had written, songs that he haven’t found a home for yet. We did and found some precious tunes that we felt would fit into Bus Stop Dreams’ repertoire.

Currently, Lasse is working with a song called “Put All Your Faith In Me”, which Sonja will add some beautiful vocals to later on. It’s a little early to show you a sample right now, so you will have to have some patience. But why not take a listen to a classic song from Ten Years After?

Ten Years After was blues rock legends even when I grew up in the seventies. The band started out in the sixties, and Chick Churchill is the keyboard player of the band since then. Between 1968 and 1973 they scored eight top 40 albums on the UK charts! They are still going strong, but sadly the former front man Alvin Lee passed away earlier this month as you may have heard. Here they are performing “Love Like a Man” which was their biggest hit back then, while not being really a hit band. /Pär

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barbara bowdenDecember 20th, 2013 at 01:02

This is just great, I loved and love TYA, I first saw them at The Marquee in London where they had a regular gig, and I was always there. Their best concert beyond all was with Led Zepp. Alvin said to me once “thank you for all your support”., I will never forget that. He was a true Gent and a tremendous great guy. The Last time I saw Alvin Lee was at the Royal Albert Hall in 2000, he was with Chicken Shack and Edgar Wintaband, bless Tony McFee as well.

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