“Anything” goes in the kitchen

Last Thursday I transformed my kitchen. I took the dining table and chairs away and rigged a video camera and two microphones. Then Ulla Wrethagen, Jenny Fall and Anna Hammarsten came along. After an hour of rehearsals we pressed the record buttons and recorded two songs. Acoustic and live, no overdubs or anything. Perhaps just a little bit rough at the edges but with a nerve.
Ulla and Jenny I already know since they sing lead on tracks on the new album. Anna was a new acquaintance, and a very positive one. She brought her accordion too and put a very nice edge on both of the songs. A perfect fit I would say.

It was nice to play together. Usually there is not much time for that. In the studio it’s a bit fragmented doing overdubs one at the time.
Perhaps we need to do this a bit more often, and even think of taking it public. Now there’s a thought.

Here below is the first video of one of the songs we recorded, called Anything. Have a watch, listen and see if you agree, but I think there is a certain bit of nerve and restless quality in this performance. In a good way.


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