Vacation’s over and a new song coming up

U87As you may have noticed both Lasse and I have had some time away from the computer during summer. It’s been an intense year since we released our first single “The Kiss” almost a year ago, so it felt good to gather new energy away from computer screens. Now we’re up and running again and back on the road to our first full-length album.

And that album is not far away now. A new song, “Say You Will”, is in the works and today Pär Enqvist is recording vocals to the song in the studio with Lasse behind the wheels and knobs. So I’m sitting here 600 kilometers away, extremely curious of the results, which I hope I will get a taste of later tonight.

A new song preview coming up

But I’m not idle. Meanwhile I’m preparing a preview of a song that we’d like to show you in advance. It’s a song written by the Canadian singer/songwriter Piper McKinnon with lead vocals by Sonja Hewer, and tomorrow afternoon we’ll show you the song here and on our Facebook page.

It’s good to be back. We’re very grateful for all the support you have given us, and I long for getting back to all the action we’ve had with our audience this year. Check out the song tomorrow and tell us what you think about it.


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