Elaine Parent, Canada – a bus stop dreamer


Today we’ll continue with our posts about you bus stop dreamers, that is you who like and share our music. May I present Elaine Parent from Canada:

Bus Stop Dreams: Where do you come from and where do you live today?

Elaine: I am from Canada, I was born in Whitehorse, Yukon. I live in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba

BSD: Yukon to Winnipeg, that’s quite a large move. It’s like moving to the other side of Europe from my perspective. What do you work with?

Elaine: I am a security guard. I work for 2 firms and at 2 different sites. Both within walking distance from where I live.

BSD: That’s convenient. And when you’re not at work, what do you care for or like to do?

Elaine: My horses. I have 2 rescue horses and I’m looking forward to breaking them to saddle but first they need time to get to know me. I go to a sci fi convention every year , which has just passed, had a ton of fun… I love reading… Sleeping in my hammock in my balcony… I also collect and wear corsets.

BSD: Rescue horses, what does it mean?

Elaine: These horses were slated for auction for slaughter. Bob buys as many as he can and Cathy finds forever homes for them. I am a rank novice, but I shall learn and at the same time they will have a home. They are halter broken but not broken to ride yet, so it shall be quite the learning experience. I look forward to it.

BSD: Fascinating Elaine. Best of luck with your horses. You also mentioned that you love to read. Do you have any books or authors to recommend?

Elaine: I love reading Andre Norton, Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey. I am reading Skitty at the moment, a short story.

BSD: And lastly, what kind of music do you listen to? And do you have a favourite Bus Stop Dreams-song this far?

Elaine: I like swing and some very old ones, symphonies, pop just about all kinds. I’ve just started listening to your music and so I really don’t have a favourite yet.

BSD: Thank you Elaine for answering our questions and letting us get to know you a little. And thank you for all your support.

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