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Meadowmusic.seI haven’t told you about it before here on the blog, but I also run a music blog called Meadowmusic.se, where I present new Swedish music. It’s a type of of music blog called mp3 blog, which means that there’s also free mp3 songs to download from the artists I present.

I and some other friends started the blog in 2008. We knew of so many great Swedish artists who we thought certainly deserved more attention, and an mp3 blog seemed like a good way of presenting this music. Well, here I am three years and 700 blog posts later trying to keep up with the flood of good music that pours into my mail box.

I’ like to think that there’s quite a span in genres on the blog, as it reflects my taste in music or at least music that I can relate to in one way or the other, but of course there’s a lot of music that I don’t cover. What’s fascinating is that I receive tips from well-known record labels as well as completely unknown artists that no one has ever heard of. And I don’t make a difference between them; if I like it I write a post about them, as simple as that.

And if I write a post, moments later the music in the post appears on other sites as well, like Hype Machine, Shuffler.fm, Elbo.ws where it’s shown to hundreds of thousands of people who love to discover new music. It means that an artist, whoever he or she is, in a flash  can get more exposure than if he was published on one of the bigger Swedish newspapers. That is fascinating and the net in a nutshell I think.

Well, you’re more than welcome to have a look at Meadowmusic. There’s a music player on the page which you can start and browse through all the songs on a page, and if you want to download a song, you just right-click it and choose “Save link as…” or similar. I have gathered a few songs here below from past posts that you might like.

Frida Selander – Mountains Define You
The Rumble – Rock ‘n’ Roll Is the Medicine
Kids – My Sincerest Apologies
Vidar – What Did I Know
Six Figure Transatlantic – All Over Town


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