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HomegrownSince we released our third single “Come Together” we’ve received quite some attention from music curators online. Especially podcast shows have played the songs “Come Together”, and I wanted to show you some of our new aquaintances among them, new for us at least.

Every Monday Justin Wayne airs his show on the net full of new independent music, interviews with artists and more. Every show can be streamed or downloaded from The Justing Wayne Show site. A lot to discover there and highly recommended if you haven’t listened to it before. We were happy to be included with the song “Come Together” a couple of weeks ago.

Steven Wheatley is a true podcast veteran. His latest Dalecast show, where he also played “Come Together”, was his 799th show since he started in 2007! There are heaps of great music to be found here, and you can download his shows on the Dalecast site.

Speaking of veterans,the  Homegrown podcast started as early as 2005. Nic, the excellent host, presents not only independent music but also poetry and prose. A very nice show to discover and I’ll certainly put this one on my subscription list.

Another pleasant surprise was that Rawrcast featured Come Together the other day. Rawrcast is not a music podcast, but rather a podcast about computer gaming, with a lot of discussions and info about online-gaming and related stuff. I have since then tried to throw some fireballs to the tones of “Come Together”, and it worked perfectly.

I’ll be back with more tips about podshows and music blogs within short. /Pär

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Justin WayneApril 1st, 2012 at 11:53

Hi Guys,

Love the tunes, and thanks for the mention on your blog. We’re actually LIVE every MONDAY now and not Wednesday (that’s when the podcasts are released, though.) There’s still a few lingering instances of “Wednesday” as the live broadcast day on various PR outlets, but we’re doing our best to update things. Keep us in the loop on goings-on and new recordings – love the stuff and had comments about the song in the chatroom and via email!

PärApril 3rd, 2012 at 20:23

Thanks a lot Justin. I will fix the mention about the schedule in the post.

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