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ChairsIt’s 3 a.m. in the morning. Lasse’s sleeping but I’m still awake thinking about today’s 10 hour mixing session. We’re halfway through the agenda with the two songs on our new single. “Come Together” with Andreas Lundgren on lead vocals is the song that we’ve been working on since yesterday night, and with an hour more of finishing adjustments  it’ll be ready.

When we start working with a song in these final mixing sessions, most parts are already recorded and arranged by Lasse. Sometimes we add some details, like correcting a bass line, adding backing vocals or some other ideas we might have. (we tried some wind chimes, but in the end they didn’t make it to the final mix, you can see me trying my best here below :))

As the beginning of the song is almost always already set in stone, the end of the song never is. This will not come as a surprise, but the end is something you’ll finish last in the production. No big news, but the question is: how important is it?

Well, in the beginning of a session Lasse could state: “it’s not vital for the song you know, and even if I don’t like it in general we could end this one with a fade”. I agree with him, but I can feel something nagging in my mind as we work on with the other parts.

It always ends up, though, that we work a lot with the end of the songs, and, to my somewhat biased opinion, it also always turns out to something extra in the end. And both of us do think it’s important how a song ends. I can’t really grade it, but if you look at a song like a story, it seems quite important doesn’t it?, and it’s important for how you, as a listener, come out of the song with a good feeling that you keep?

In our new song “Come Together”, the end turned out wonderful, not only the last tones, but also the whole finishing part; it even added some untold layers to the story. How about you? I’m sure you know how many songs start, but how important is the end for you, the very last tones? /Pär

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