We’re on Google+ too

I thought I should tell you that we’re on Google+ too, with our personal profiles and with a band page also. So, if you’re on Google+ you can follow me (Pär) here, Lasse here and Bus Stop Dreams’ page here.

Google+There’s a lot of discussion going on if Google really will be able to compete with Facebook or not, which leads to the idea that you should choose between the two of them. Well, I don’t, because they work in completely different ways for me. On Facebook I connect with people because I know them in some way, but on Google+ I connect and follow people because we share the same interests, regardless if I know them from the start or not.

So for me these two networks serve two different, important purposes for me. Google+ is much more similar to Twitter, but I prefer Google+ for several reasons.

There’s a quite some activity going on at Google+, a lot of interesting discussions, video hangouts, loads of brilliant photographers and generous people, and because of the circle system, (you add everyone you follow to a circle you create yourself), it’s easy to get started and get right into the action.

People of course want to be followed and share their circles of people with others, and with a few clicks you can add one or more of these circles to your own people you follow. If you change your mind later you can easily unfollow individuals or entire circles. Here’s a blog post which shows you several ways of finding interesting people.

Well, if you already are on Google+, or if you’d like to try it out, I hope to see you there. /Pär

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