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Two female joggers on foggy Morro Strand State BeachI thought I should continue our odyssey through interesting music sites today. We’ve been lucky to have our music played on even more shows during the last week, so I’ll grab the opportunity here to thank these DJ:s for this and at the same time show you some interesting music sites you might want to take a look at.

Jogtunes played “Anything” the other day on the Jogtunes podcast, and we talked about this podcast some month ago. But the podcast show is only one part of what Jogtunes is about. It’s overall a great site for discovering and playing music that fits your jogging pace or workout pace and that has good tips about creating playlists for different type of activities. You can also choose genre, pace and artist and the page will suggest music for you. Even better now, if you own an iPhone, is that there’s also an app for that. The Jogtunes iPhone app lets you match the beat with your feet with a couple of finger taps and presents you with a suitable playlist from the podshow episodes.

A completely different type of music show is Music Scene Investigation. Each week the host Rich Wildman is joined by three other panelists in a show, broadcasted live, where they examine three songs in detail from independent artists during an hour. They discuss the production, the songwriting and the songs in general, from the point of view of some experienced music pros. Interesting and quite different from most shows I’ve seen. Last week “The Kiss”  from our first single was discussed by these gentlemen and if you’re interested you can listen to or watch the show here.

I was happy to see that one of my favourite podcasts, The Bugcast, aired “Anything” on Friday. As usual they send live every Friday, with chatroom and everything. Very nice indeed, and you can listen to the episode here.

Also, yesterday the russian podcast Night Diary played one of our songs, “Anything”. If you remember from earlier this Autumn we were thrilled about reaching out to podcasts in languages we don’t understand. And yes, it’s still as exciting to hear our russian friend Igor Mercury play our song in his show.

Finally I’d like to present Ed’s Mixed Bag, run by podcast veteran Ed Ovett. Well, I think I can call him a veteran since he started already in 2005 and have made more than 260 shows. He got tired of terrestrial radio and did something about it by starting his own channel. If you’d like to listen to his eclectic independent mixed bag you can find a new show twice a month. You can find the episodes here, and in the latest show you also get to hear “Anything”. /Pär

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Ed OvettDecember 7th, 2011 at 02:11

My thanks to Lasse for this mention that is 100% accurate in all he pointed out!

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