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KangarooSomeone asked me if we are getting used to being played at podshows and blogs, in the sense that it means less to us than before, if we’re starting to feel some kind of numbness for each time someone plays our songs?

It was quite simple to answer that question with a no. I can answer for all of us in Bus Stop Dreams in saying that everytime someone chooses to play our songs or write about them, we feel pure joy. That’s the whole point in getting our music out there. I only worry about not being able to give these people all the appreciation they deserve, not only for our sake, but also because they help so many independent artists, and give listeners an option to discover new music they wouldn’t have been able to find themselves. I’ll try to highlight some of these music lovers, some of them you may have seen here before:

NBT Music Radio is an Internet radio station that plays a lot of independent music from around the world, in a variety of genres. I find it hard to encounter net stations myself that doesn’t focus only on top-40 songs and that fit my musical taste, even though I have a very broad view of music. NBT is one of the few I have added to my favourites on my iPhone radio app. And we’re grateful to be added to the playlists with our songs on this station.
(if you do know of other stations, non-top 40, that you like, please add some links in the comments).

Today “Anything” was chosen as the “Song of the Day” by FM102x. Beautiful isn’t it? Like being the soundtrack of someone’s day. Could one ask for more? There’s also a podcast full of good music, so check it out and see if it fits your taste in music.

We have mentioned Michael Angel’s Cosmic Grab Bag, and he deserves to be mentioned again. A frequent podcaster that serves us a very nice eclectic mix of independent music. He have included us several times, which feels fantastic.

The mp3 blog Faronheit honoured us again by adding the songs from “Anything” in a Pick Your Poison -post. Few mp3 blogs presents so many good songs to listen to and download. A good place to browse for new music and read interesting articles.

Erk FM was new to me as I discovered that they had played “The Big One” last week. It’s a podcast based in Australia, and I have started to listen to it, and I really like the mix.

The wonderful podcasters and musicians from Radio Orphans should of course be presented. We were happy to know that they like “As Long As I Don’t Cry” and had played it in their excellent podshow a few days ago.

Recent Music Heroes presented the video for “Anything” last week. A frequent blogger with a rich variety of music, which I really like. It’s kind of a music adventure to read and listen through the posts on this blog.

I’ll finish this time with a blog in Swedish, Den Melodiösa bloggen, who was the first one to write about our new single “Anything”. If you’re interested in melodic rock and knows Swedish it’s the perfect blog to follow as it’s constantly updated with news from these genres.

Well, I hope you’ll check some of these sites out and find some podcaster, radio or blog you’ll like. /Pär


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