The completion of the “Anything” single

Cover "Anything"Last weekend Lasse and I locked ourselves up in the Bus Depot studio to finish the songs “Anything” and and “As Long As I Don’t Cry”. After a shorter session with some additional recordings we spent the following three days with making the final mix of the songs.

To explain to those of you who doesn’t understand music nerd language, the mixing process is about shaping the songs from the building blocks, the recordings, into the vision one have about how the songs should sound and feel. I went up to Stockholm from Skåne, where I live, to help Lasse out with this; as Lasse does most of the recordings in the studio, it’s a great way to have us both put a mark on the end result into something we both stand for all the way.

It’s a process that has it’s ups and downs; listening to the same sound clips a thousand of times (feels like that) can be quite tedious, but there are plenty of eureka-moments to keep you going, where problems with parts of the songs opens up into something you know you really wanted to achieve.

In the end, though,  it’s hard to really have a distance to the result, to really enjoy it, but after a couple of days the feeling for the songs comes back again and I can say that I am really, really satisfied with the songs. Also the sensation of having been part of creating something precious after a lot of hard work add some extra to it. (well if you can define hard work on my behalf as mostly sitting in a chair, listening intensely and now and then grunting something)

Thomas Eberger, Stockholm Mastering

Thomas Eberger, Stockholm Mastering

The final stage was achieved yesterday with the mastering of the tracks at Stockholm Mastering by Thomas Eberger. It’s where the overall sound of the tracks are adjusted, compressed and polished. Well, don’t ask me to explain it further, it’s a little like magic to me.

Well, all in all, the songs are now on their way to all the outlets on the Internet, such as Itunes, Spotify, Amazon and of course our own music page. The release date is set to November 10th and of course we’ll notify you when they are availble. If you want the songs in your mailbox as soon as possible, you can sign up for our newsletter, and we will have them sent to you as soon as they are ready.

Meanwhile, to get a taste of the songs, you can watch our previews from the recording of “Anything” with Jenny Fall and the recording of “As Long As I Don’t Cry” with Ulla Wrethagen.


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