Recording vocals with Jenny Fall

As Lasse showed you a glimpse of the songs from the new single a couple of days ago, we thought it would be a good idea to show you even more from the song “Anything”. We made a film of Jenny Fall recording the vocals for the song and you can watch it here below.

Since then Lasse have continued to polish the songs, and today he recorded additional backing vocals for both songs with both Jenny and Ulla for both “Anything” and “As Long As I Don’t Cry”. I haven’t heard it yet, but I will tomorrow, as I’m going to Stockholm (I live in Skåne) to do the final mix with Lasse over the weekend.

There’s a high probability that you’ll hear from us during that session, as you might have guessed if you follow this blog or our Facebook page. Anyway, here is the lovely Jenny Fall. /Pär

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