Diamonds on the air

A couple of weeks ago I announced here that our song “Diamond In the Sky” would have it’s radio premiere on The Justin Wayne Show. The show was postponed, though, since it was in the middle of Justin’s relocation from England to the US. A week ago the show was aired, with Chris Sturgess-Oliffe from Canada presenting the larger part of the show. As always an excellent show with lots of artists to discover, and yours truly even got the opportunity introduce the song (at about 1:02 in the show) Listen to it here as a podcast:

JW Show 171: Chris Takes over and September discovery 2

Finally, if you know Swedish and like melodic rock, you should check out Den Melodiösa bloggen, a music news blog that’s updated continuously with news every day. And we’re grateful that they gave som attention to our release of the first song from “Don’t Forget to Breathe”.


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