María Silva, Spain – a Bus Stop Dreamer

María Silva

In Galicia, Spain, we found the beautiful María Silva, a listener and a Bus Stop Dreamer. We asked her some questions to get know her a little better:

Bus Stop Dreams: Hi María. Where do you come from and where do you live today?

María: In a very green region, surrounded by the sea, where there are soft mountains, beaches with white sand and fantastic food. I was born in and still lives in Galicia (Spain).

BSD: And what do you work with?

María: I’m a chemist, working in a laboratory focused on environmental control.

BSD: Besides work, is there anything special you are passionate about or care for?

María: I dedicate a part of my life to music. I am a member of a Galician traditional music group called Tanxedoras. Tanxedoras is a project that was born in 2003 through the initiative from five women, passionate about our music roots. We want to contribute and ensure that we don’t lose the musical legacy from our ancestors.

We travel through the villages in Galicia searching for traditional songs and dances the grandparents still remember. Then we sing the songs accompanied by percussion and other traditional instruments, like the gaita, mantaining the songs’ integrity and passing them on to future generations. In fact, we are recording our second album now, which will be released within short.

BSD: What a fantastic idea and project! I took the liberty to add a video I found where you perform:

BSD: Do you have your own site where we can follow your project?

María: Yes. We invite you to learn more about our music on Regrettably the page isn’t available in English at the moment, but when we present the second album we will renew the site and solve this inconvenience. So, keep an eye on us!

BSD: I gather that you have a big music interest overall. What kind of music do you listen to?

María: I like many musical styles, from bossa nova to rock. I follow bands like Wilco, Ben Harper, Rufus Wainwright, Kings of Convenience, Glen Hansard, The Shins… Since the nineties I’m in love with two voices: Eddie Vedder and Caetano Veloso. They are part of the soundtrack of my life. And, like the good romantic I am, I’m excited by the new interpreters of Portuguese fado: Ana Moura, Deolinda, Mariza, António Zambujo, Katia Guerreiro…

BSD: Do you have a favourite among Bus Stop Dreams’ songs so far?

María: All of them are fantastic, but if I have to choose one I’ll go with The Big One.

BSD: Can you recommend a book to Bus Stop Dreams’ listeners?

María: Blindness by Jose Saramago

BSD: And finally, if you would select one album to recommend, which one would it be?

María: “Sky blue sky” by Wilco. And if you let me recommend another one…the upcoming album by Tanxedoras 😉

BSD: Thank you so much María. Be sure to let us know when the new album is ready.

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