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I often describe music as a prolongation of yourself, as a look into the soul of an artist. While that’s most often true, I heard someone say the other day that the bottom line with music is not getting to know the artist, it’s the community around the music, the people who are listening. Listening to the same music and experiencing it makes us have something in common, something that we artists hardly can describe, but is better expressed by you who listen to the music, which is an interesting way of looking at it.

Lasse and I discussed this and came up with the idea that this page should be as much about you, as about us and our music. So we thought we’d interview some of you who has showed that you’ve liked us and shared our music on the net. /Pär

Dmitriy OcheretinFirst up is Dmitriy Ocheretin from Ukraine:

Bus Stop Dreams: Hi Dmitriy, lets start with where you come from and where do you live today? 

Dmitriy: I live in Zaporizhzhya, regional city in southeastern Ukraine.

BSD: And what do you work with?

Dmitriy: I have economic education and work at the University.

BSD: When you’re not at the University, is there anything you especially care for and love to do?

Dmitriy: Besides work, one of my interests is modern Scandinavian culture (literature and music). From 1999 I work on a site about it (Culture of North) in Ukrainian and Russian languages –

BSD: Interesting. And we have looked and found a fair selection of good Scandinavian poetry among other things. Impressive and since we are from Sweden we are flattered.
Except reading, what kind of music do you listen to?

Dmitriy: I prefer different kinds of music. In my profile at is dominated by electronic, trip-hop, female vocalists, jazz, post-rock, swedish, norwegian artists. I follow the music of my own country, Scandinavia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

BSD: Since we are a band and talking about music, do you have a favourite among Bus Stop Dreams’ songs so far?

Dmitriy: I first became acquainted with the work of Bus Stop Dreams through It’s a Trap in September 2011. It was The Kiss that is one of my favorites song of your group with “Come Together” and “Anything”.

BSD: Last, can you recommend any album to Bus Stop Dreams’ listeners?

Dmitriy: I can recommend, for example, albums of Swedish groups Kent, Solar Fields, Liechtenstein.

Thank you for good music!

BSD: Thanks. And thank you Dmitry for taking the time and tell us a bit about yourself.


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