Bus Depot Studio

I found these pictures taken about a year ago of our studio, The Bus Depot. It’s here where our songs are recorded and mixed. It’s very, very small (it looks larger in the images due to wide angle lens magic), but it’s very nice and cosy. And it sounds really good with nice instruments, microphones and equipment. We are really proud of it.

The recording area. And a nice selection of guitars too. The black Telecaster is the favorite one.

The baby-grand is mostly used for song writing and is nice to look at.

Our secret weapon when recording vocals is the Microtech Gefell M92.1S microphone.
Vintage sound with a history that goes back to before the Second World War.

The mixing area. This is what we look at for days when we are mixing.
Monitors are nice Mackie HR824 (lower) and crappy consumer (upper).


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