Calcutta 1989

In 1989 I went to India for 7 month. Most of that time I spent in Calcutta working as a volunteer for different aid organizations.
There I learned to know those who had almost nothing and often lived on the streets.
I dare say that they became my friends but to some extent we came close.
I hadn’t brought any camera with me, as to not burden me with things, but there and then felt the need to document these people.
Getting a descent camera wasn’t easy in India at that time, but I found an outdated second-hand Russian Zenit-E on the black market.
I took maybe 15 rolls and had them locally developed. When I got home I forgot them after some time and now they’ve spent more that 20 years in a drawer.
But I think they deserve a better fate as these people still speak to me when I look at them now.
So I will scan a few now and then and put them here.
If not as a reminder that dignity and hope has nothing to do with what you own or not, but who you are and what you stand for.


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