Stuff That Sounds Good: 12 string Ibanez

We like stuff that sounds good, things than make us sound good. Instruments and gear are very personal and to some you form relationships over time. You fall in love, you break up. They irritate or surprise you. Are cooperative or just refuse to do what you want.

So we though to we’d present some of them to you.
And don’t believe those who say that things are not alive. These things are. We promise!

This is my 12 string Ibanez. Bought sometime in the mid 80’s it’s actually the oldest instrument I still got. I’ve bought and sold a few over the years but this one has stayed. No wonder really, it sounds very good with a well collected and even sound and it’s got very easy action for being a 12-string. And getting better with age. Still a effort to tune, but it’s a 12 string isn’t it? What would you expect?
Not used that much on recordings anymore. Don’t know why really, perhaps because it doesn’t work in our current sound. But it can be heard on the second and third chorus of Come Together.



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C-RMarch 26th, 2012 at 15:28

Kul att du skriver “You fall in love, you break up”. Jag har nämligen gjort slut med min Fenderstrata. Känslan är som när man ser ett gammalt ex på stan “hur kunde jag någonsin vara ihop med henne?”. Strata kan låta bra, men inte i mina händer. Jag behöver humbuckers. Det tog bara 21 år att inse det (jag köpte den 1991).

LasseMarch 26th, 2012 at 15:38

Jag har inte kommit dit än, behöver nog några år till.
Fast humbucker skulle vara skönt ibland, när jag splear in telen så måste jag sitta stilla på en precis plats i en precis riktning för att få så lite brus och störningar som det bara går.

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