Song notes – Come Together

Imagine a cold, bleak winter morning. You are going to work and riding in an overfull bus with still almost sleeping passengers. You are all alone with all these people. Everyone is sort of staring but no one seems to be focusing on anything.

You are wishing for something more. For someone to meet your eye. So you drift off dreaming how it would be if we could come together instead of just be in the same place.

This image was the premise for Come Together and it turned out to be easy to write. Most of it, both music and lyrics come in one song writing session. I did a little search and found an mp3 mixed after that first night, with my vocals, and as you can hear most of the song is already there.

 Come Together – First demo from 2009

Come Together has actually be recorded and release before with my previous band The Broken Assembly. And even though the different versions share much of the same arrangement the feeling and emotion are very different. The Broken Assembly version is lighter, more airy and have a dreamier timbre. The new version is more sparse, up front and ads a bit more realism to the lyrics I think. The difference is very much due to the different vocals. Helena Ahlbäck and Andreas Lundgren both does an excellent job of rendering meaning to the song in very different ways.

Here are both if you like to compare them

Bus Stop Dreams – Come Together featuring Andreas Lundgren
The Broken Assembly  – Come Together featuring Helena Ahlbäck

Recording and producing was harder and took much longer time than writing in both cases. To me the most important quality to the song is it’s repetitiveness, almost like it’s played on a barrel organ, that nicely complements the lyrics. Still at the same time it needs to be dynamic and not to static. It’s all a matter of balance. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time trying to achieve  that.

If we did succeded? We hope so, but only you can be the final judge.


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