Thanks for all the apples (they were really tasty)

Sad news, that Steve Jobs is not with us anymore. My thought goes to his family and their loss of someone loved. And then to the rest of us, who lost a true visionary. Someone that succeeded with the intent to give us the tools to express our own vision. Who obviously loved what he did and has helped us do the same (love what we do that is).

Apple tools and products has for almost thirty years been an integral part of my personal, professional and creative life. I’ve built a career in the graphical business, I’ve created my music, edited my home videos and written my lyrics with the help of them. The full list is just to long write here.
It’s hard to imagine what life would have been without all those tools. Perhaps better, perhaps worse, but different for sure. And the thing is that I will never know.
What I do know that this life so far has been very good, I love what I do, and that Steve Jobs’s vision and accomplisments has played an important part in that.

Thank you!

And I think he sums it up pretty well in this video from his commencement speech to the graduates of Stanford University in 2005.


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