Pär Enqvist on the loose

Most people know Pär Enqvist as the singer of the band PEB (former Pär Enqvist Band), where he sings in Swedish. If you haven’t listened to them you should listen to the latest album “Utanför lagen” (“Outside the Law”), it’s brilliant.

But few people have heard him sing in English before The Big One, (well, in concert he occasionally does a song or two in English with the band), so I thought it was a good idea to show you a song I like a lot, a song he made in another collaboration together with Tobbe Möller, “Only Live For the Things Worth Dying For“.

The song is written and produced by Tobbe Möller.

Digging even deeper, there’s also another song with these two, but with Swedish lyrics by Pär Enqvist, which is called “Tonårsbarn” (“Teenage Child”), also a favourite song of mine I’ve listened to a lot.

And yes, there will be more songs with Pär Enqvist later on from Bus Stop Dreams. Additionally, Tobbe Möller, his collaborator above, will also soon appear as the lead vocalist in a track we’re working on.

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