Video love and video hate

I’ve said it before, and I say again. Editing video is most frustrating and rewarding at the same time.
Rewarding because it gives us another way to express our songs. To put them in yet another frame, this time moving images, adding an extra layer of expression. And I’m not saying we are very good at it, but it’s fun to do.
Frustrating because everything takes such a long time and that you have to wait a lot. With music you play, try something new and then listen. Not with video, no no. Change something, wait for it to render (which can take hours), and then you can see. Often just to realise you need further adjustment. That needs rendering. Just to realise…. Well you get it.

Today I got some time to work on the video for The Big One. And I think that it’s starting to come together nicely. I put up a preview of the first minute. What do you think?


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