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tunedToday I’ve been listening to music until my ears bled. I usually listen a lot to music, but now it was about short snippets of songs here and there, and bunches of them. Why? Well I’ve been scouting music blogs, to find suitable ones that maybe would post something about our songs. There’s no use in sending music to pages that obviously write about totally different styles of music.

There’s a lot of work searching among all these sites, and then writing to each personally. Many of these sites get huge amounts of music submissions so you can’t even always expect an answer. They simply don’t have enough time to listen and read everything. But sometimes you get through and reach out to someone, and it’s all worth it.

The other day Bus Stop Dreams were featured on a russian podcast, Night Diary, and the feeling of having your band name mentioned in a language you don’t understand and then having your song played is something extra. A little vanity of course but mostly a warm gratitude of being able to cross barriers with the music and reach other people far away. A sensation of how the Internet is changing the world and bringing people closer. You can listen to the Night Diary show with our friend Игорь Меркури here (the music is towards the end of the show at 15:00).

It’s not bad either to have an entire podradio show dedicated to your band, like in yesterday’s show from Post It Cast with storm chaser Michael W. Moss. You also get to hear Lasse talk a little about the songs and Bus Stop Dreams.

Last week Radio Orphans also played our song “The Big One” in their 324th show. 324th! These are dedicated people, who beside promoting and presenting other artists also produce their own music. I think the best place to check them out is their page with music videos at Dailymotion.

Another artist who also like to present other artists is Gustav Nilsson at his blog Lyssningsknark, where he presented “The Kiss” video yesterday. Gustav is about to release an album and you can listen to some songs from it on his Soundcloud page.

And of course I can’t forget the excellent music blog Sunday Morning (in Swedish) where music philosopher Marcus Lindqvist presents music and stories.

As you can see people from different places with different backgrounds, just like you and me. I almost feel like stealing  Nokia’s slogan: “Music – connecting people”. /Pär


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