Ulla Wrethagen and Bus Stop Dreams

Ulla Wrethagen at the bus stop

One of the most important pieces of the Bus Stop Dreams-puzzle, we discovered earlier this year: Ulla Wrethagen. Lasse who had been working with Ulla in the early nineties’ band Tugga Terrier, asked her to try out some songs.

And we were stunned by the results, not only in the songs where she sings lead, but also on those where she added backing vocals. With her soft, “countryish” voice you could say that she completed the sound idea and the feeling we were looking for.

Yesterday Ulla were in the studio to add some vocals to “As Long As I Don’t Cry”, a song that will appear on the album “Don’t Forget to Breathe” later on. Lasse took the opportunity to shoot some video of Ulla, so here you have a chance to meet her and also to get a glimpse of the song. /Pär


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