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I Giovani e la MusicaSince both I and Lasse have quite some experience looking for great sites for music, I thought it would be a good idea to recommend some of them for you. There will be some blogs, some podcasts and some other sites.

If we’re talking about people who are passionate about music, you can find some of the most passionate among these bloggers, podcasters, writers and net radio people. Week after week they talk about music, the vast majority without any economic gain at all (rather the contrary), and most of the time they present music and artists they really like.

And that means that if you can find blogs or sites, where you share the same taste, you get served loads of great new music. Not like the newspapers where they often seem to have problems writing about music they really love. (don’t really get that; of all the million albums released every year, why don’t they choose what they like the best and present that?)

The first site I’d like to present is, a blog where Peter Krogholm makes a tremendous effort scanning the music scenes in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. To his help he has some guest writers from each country that from time to time write some articles. (I sometimes write articles about Swedish bands there.)

Often you can listen to the bands, watch music videos and also download songs. A great music site with artists from various genres.

For the Swedes I can also recommend a music blog in Swedish, Esau started out in the beginning of last year and he really knows how to express himself about music and transfer his passion for music through his texts. Not an easy task, I can assure you.

Famous artists, not so known artists and everything in between, in quite a variation to his taste of music. Most often tracks to listen to and downloadable songs.

Hope you like it. We’ll be back with more tips later on.


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