And we’re live…

مرگ چون پرواز استAfter two years of preparations we’re finally there, at the stage of opening up the gates into our music room. But I usually say that music is an extension of yourself, which means that it’s actually ourselves that’s in the display window here.

And “ourselves” is referring to myself, Pär, and to Lasse, the core of Bus Stop Dreams, but also to part-time members that are helping us to create our musical vision. For the first songs you get to hear, these members are Jan Johansen, Pär Enqvist and Ulla Wrethagen.

These songs, “The Kiss” (lead singer Jan Johansen) and “The Big One (lead singer Pär Enqvist), will be released as a single on the tenth of September, so I’m afraid we can’t show you a music player yet with the full version of the songs. Meanwhile you can get a taste of what we’re doing in the video clips we’ll publish here, on our Facebook page and other sites.

If you want to receive the songs as soon as they’re ready, you can sign up to our newsletter, and we’ll send you the tracks on September 10th, for free.

Our aim after the single is to release the album “Don’t Forget to Breathe” in about half a year, but I promise you that you won’t have to wait for new songs that long; we’re pretty open about what we’re working on and you’ll be able to follow the progress with the album soon.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you’ll enjoy what we’re doing and we’re available to talk to, in one way or the other, pretty much all the time.


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